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Ares Attack Class Główka Joule Lacrosse - Niezawiązana

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Główka Joule Lacrosse Ares to technologicznie zaawansowana główka. Wersja Attack Class jest materiałowo zaprojektowana raczej dla napastników i pomocników.

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ARES, the Greek God of War.

The Ares lacrosse head has been meticulously designed to prepare anyone for the battle that awaits on the lacrosse field.
This head was designed for maximum play-ability, with string theory in mind.  The geometric engineering was focused on directional flex, the scoop and ground ball ability, and receiving ability.  
This X-spec (Universal regulation) head is great for almost all positions and levels of play, dictated by the pocket design and flex-type.

~152G (Attack-Class)

Attack Class:

  • The ATTACK-CLASS ARES is for offensive minded players and face-off specialists.  The attack-class is the lightest of the two ARES heads, and has greater flexibility.

The Scoop:

  • Wide geometry designed for ground ball control and multi-surface/condition performance.  
    • Typical elite heads only allow for ground ball reception from 50°-75° away from center.  The ARES scoops up ground balls that are more than 85° from center!  A vacuum.
  • The curvature underneath the scoop is designed to allow minimal bounce interference with the ground, leaving the scoop closer to the ground longer.  This is borrowed technology from golf wedges.

Shot Flex control:

Controlled geometry with 2 plates, and 4 vertical stanchions on each side create a consistent low-interference channel flex on shots and passes.

Universal Playability:

Made for all levels of play, from beginners to professionals


  • Improved pocket control when stringing, utilizing TrUe Channel Technology for consistent stringing 
    • Less necessary mesh distortion to create perfect channels
  • Option to string pockets with increased hold
  • Top-Rail precisely tapered to capture 50% more balls that land outside of the sweet-spot

Tri-Rail Technology: 

TOP RAIL - Designed for improved receiving ability

MID RAIL - TrUe Channel Technology

BOTTOM RAIL - Pocket Control/Face-off


  • Optimized deflection curvature engineered to allow for more completed passes 
  • Increased surface area for better receiving and passing lane defense
  • Under-set amplitude wave design in key receiving sections


  • Added holes for reduced weight without compromising strength
  • TrUe-Channel Technology - keeping the sidewall in parallel with the scoop creates less mesh distortion, allowing a natural pocket formation
  • Exponentially greater stringing options - Utilize both the traditional row and mid-rail together to create your perfect pocket
  • Discover new benefits of playing with a deeper, legal pocket


  • Offset feel with a flat bottom rail.  Merging modern technology with the classic design that works!
    • Feels, throws, cradles like an offset head.
  • String low to high pockets with consistent ball protection
  • Secure capture geometry design for face-off
  • Tight channel shape for advanced play, Universal regulations (X-Spec)


Stringing education and practice has exploded across the lacrosse community over the last 3 years or so. This is why we've put an extra focus on creating an intelligent stringing design behind our structure's geometry..

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