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Drążek Joule Lacrosse LEV 40" Bramkarski

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Bramkarski drążek z wydłużonym ośmiokątnym mocowaniem dla główki.

Najbardziej zaawansowany technologicznie drążek w produkcji jest owalny w przekroju! Tysiace zawodników potwierdziło już skuteczność tego rozwiązania. Nie jest to najlżejszy drążek, ale zbudowany by przetrwać kilka sezonów. Orientacyjna waga 315g.

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Weight-conscious, precision shot flex, stiff butt-end, and high impact resistant model. Great for all levels of play from beginner/junior to Professional. The goalie version of the LEV is similar to the attack but the length is extended to 40", and the octagonal head grind length is increased from 5cm to 7cm to fit goalie heads. The LEV is designed for Goalies who like a lighter feel in the hands, seek more efficient, longer, and faster clears.
Goalie ~ 315G

***Goalies! PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE ATTACK HANDLE, the shorter grind length will not allow a goalie head to go all the way on.

OVAL: The unique non-faceted outer profile (oval) of the shaft allows for a more natural feel during game play, smoother hand transitions, and improved accuracy. If you've never played a shaft without sides, this may feel weird at first, but after a couple games, you'll never go back. The handle will become an extension of your body, rather than just a piece of equipment.

 A cross-section of our shaft towards the butt-end, highlighting the Oval outer profile 

ADAPTIVE CORE: Designed to have an adaptive, or non-uniform, internal hollow core. This creates our “Kick-point” by engineered design, even before any composite materials are implemented. The calculated positioning of the non-uniform internal core creates a specific area of optimal and increased flexibility. This adaptive core design allows the players to achieve more power, speed, and consistency on shots. 

 A length-wise cross-sectional view of our handle exaggerating the Adaptive Core design 

 Peering into the core of our handle, you can see the transformation of sidewalls to oval, our Adaptive Core.

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