Drążek Damski Joule Lacrosse Reign - 30"

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Tak, właśnie, owalny drążek. Tysiące zawodników potiwerdziło juzefektywność tego rozwiązania. Damski drążek Joule Lacrosse Reign waży około 175 gram i po kilku treningach pomoże Ci lepiej kontrolować piłkę.

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OVAL: The unique non-faceted outer profile (oval) of the shaft allows for a more natural feel during game play, smoother hand transitions, and improved accuracy. If you've never played a shaft without sides, this may feel weird at first, but after a couple games, you'll never go back. The handle will become an extension of your body, rather than just a piece of equipment.

 A cross-section of our shaft towards the butt-end, highlighting the Oval outer profile 

ADAPTIVE CORE: Designed to have an adaptive, or non-uniform, internal hollow core. This creates our “Kick-point” by engineered design, even before any composite materials are implemented. The calculated positioning of the non-uniform internal core creates a specific area of optimal and increased flexibility. This adaptive core design allows the players to achieve more power, speed, and consistency on shots. 

 A length-wise cross-sectional view of our handle exaggerating the Adaptive Core design

 Peering into the core of our handle, you can see the transformation of sidewalls to oval, our Adaptive Core.