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Stringing Supplies

Lacrosse stringing supplies include 10D Hard Mesh, 10D Soft Mesh, East Coast Mesh and other types of mesh along with traditional stringing supplies like crosslace, leathers and runners, complete mesh stringing kits, sidewall, topstring and laces. We also offer custom stringing services.

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  • Pockets and Repairs

    Here at Mesh Wizard we will gladly string your stick for you. We are working on a wide variety of custom pocket variants for every type of player and position. Our goal is to help you find the pocket that suits you best and will help augment your assets. All our stringings are FIL legal and allow for some break in room, but might need some tweaking after the break in period. We are firm believers that a bucket of water to dip the pocket in taken to your favorite wall will allow for quicker break in as well as a better feel for how your pocket will react to wet conditions. We have strung mens, womens and goalie heads for many players across Europe, hopefully you can leave a testimonial of our work :) Be prepared for a lot of questions as before stringing we need to establish what sort of lacrosse player you are, what your proficiencies are as well as some other facts including the head you will be sending. Please send only clean heads. If you want your pocket strung the same as your current pocket, leave it in, if not, please remove the used mesh and string. Apart from mesh pockets, we love to string traditional. Be it Pita, Swish or any other pattern you can find, stringing traditional is a great way to learn about your sport of choice. We feel strongly about getting back to the roots in this term as well as in regard to wooden shafts. Lastly some tips for pocket upkeep: Clean your pocket, tweak your pocket, learn your pocket. Puch the ball in and roll it up and down, see what happens. Watch for wear and tear on the string as well as the mesh. Don't leave a wet and muddy pocket locked up somewhere as it'll mold over, get smelly, and deteriorate more quickly than it should.

  • Mesh

    A variety of lacrosse mesh types for every type of pocket, every type of player and style of play. Whether you're a takeaway defender, dodging midfielder or feeding X-man we have the mesh you need. Our bestselling Standard 10D Hard Mesh comes in a wide range of colors. Our monster mesh comes in a full range: 5D, 6D, 7D and 8D. Colors are available after contact. Our Canadian Mesh and Ultra Mesh are a real treat, especially for box lacrosse players and for wet conditions. We offer a novelty Composite Mesh that works great in any condition and is much more stable than Nylon. Also as a 15D Goalie Mesh Our Goalie Mesh ranges from 10D, 12D, 15D and 17 diamond meshes. Our specialty mesh range features Glow in the Dark mesh and will soon include the latest trend in pro meshes: wax coated mesh.

  • Mesh Brands
  • Leathers and Runners

    Leather and nylon runners for stringing a traditional or women's pocket. Our runners come in many colors and are sold by the piece so you can mix and match any way you like. Use leather runners for a classic traditional feel. We use real leather so you must remember the main principle: leather will contract when drying. It is strongly advised to dip your leathers in warm water and stretch them as well as possible prior to stringing. This will make for a more consistent pocket. Use nylon runners especially if you're just beginning your adventure with traditional pockets. These runners are made from the same material as mesh and crosslace, so you will experience some water retainment and stretching when wet. But crosslace won't bite into the runner as with leather giving you more control over how your pocket develops over time. If you can't decide, we will gladly help you choose the right materials for your pocket.

  • Strings and Laces

    Variety of string and lace for all your stringing needs.