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  • StringKing Lacrosse

    StringKing Lacrosse mesh is a new generation of mesh incorporating new polymers instead of nylon to allow for high waterproofing, quick break in and offering perfect repeatability in diamond size.

  • Stringer's Shack

    The Stringer's Shack is known far and wide for their attention to detail and their customers. Always perfect and very repeatable diamonds, always the same coating, quality mesh at it's best. Always made in USA.

  • Throne Mesh

    Throne of String is the manufacturer of the first wax infused mesh. Complete assortment of Throne Mesh includes limited edition pieces. Soft, not waxy, not flaky, waterproof.

  • East Coast Mesh

    Complete assortment of mesh from East Coast Dyes, the premiere waxed mesh manufacturer in Maryland, USA.

  • Ninjalax

    Ninja Lacrosse mesh and supplies. Waxed meshes and performance meshes