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Najwyższa jakość w skarpetach sportowych. Świetna kompresja stopy i dodatkowa ochrona stopy.

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It is our firm belief that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance.  The Strife Technical is our top level athletic sock with an amazingly comfortable feel.  Enhanced technology features never sacrifice comfort but foster top level athletic performance.  The Strife has a crew top base fabric upgrade to the thinner VendettaLite technical fabric for light weight support. Unlike other rough performance fabrics VendettaLite still has the incredibly soft Adrenaline feel.  An AdrenaMesh foot upper and toe ventilation port keeps the feet dry during the most rigorous athletic competition.  AdrenaBand 2.0 arch technology adds top level support while AdrenaGrid heel padding aids in fit and injury prevention.  The AdrenaGill forefoot arch technology has the dual function of preventing bunching allowing for greater foot flex, while also providing additional ventilation.  Quality construction with an extra padded foot base and reinforced heel and toe.

BENEFITS: No need to sacrifice comfort for technical performance with this ultra-technical field sock.  The New VendettaLite crew top fabric foundation provides for a more supportive and snug fit.  Simple and effective technology enhancements blend Adrenaline comfort with top end field performance.

  • CUT: Mid-Calf crew top cut with a comfort reinforced toe and heel design allows for a smooth slip on and stability.  Tighter fit for enhanced performance and stability.  We believe you should save the fight for the field and not when you put your sock on.
    • (VendettaLite) Sublimate-able foundational performance fabric that offers enhanced support and a thinner feel
    • (AdrenaMesh) Durable and breathable material for cooling & moisture control during athletic situations
    • (AdrenaBand) Support band that provides enhanced arch support while maintaining comfort
    • (AdrenaGill) Anti bunching forefoot flex technology for increased mobility and superior ventilation
    • (AdrenaGrid) Heel protector pad decreasing the risk of injury with blister protection and anti-slide functionality
    • Reinforced padded foot base adds a layer of injury prevention
    • Double Reinforced heel and toe for comfort and durability
    • Sublimation ready

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