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    Our own brand nylon lacrosse sidewall string straight off the spool. We made it a tiny bit thicker to make it last longer. A whole 100m spool should string up to 30 heads.

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  • $252.08

    The Bownet Full Size 1.8 x1.8m (6'x6'x7') Portable Lacrosse Net is the best portable net ever made!

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  • $16.44

    By utilizing several applied sciences from NASA, Uncommon Fit has harnessed HYPERFIT TECHNOLOGY to produce a breathable, comfortable and durable athletic sock. The result is a must have performance piece.  Simply stated, this sock is sick!

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  • $5.48

    Lacrosse mesh stringing services by Mesh Wizard. We will string any type of mesh to your desired shape or characteristics. You supply the head or buy one from us. This is just the service, materials not included.

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  • $24.66

    The ultimate mesh by our book! Extrelemy durable - advertised as the world's strongest mesh. Also weighing in at 19 grams light!

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    Perfect training ball both outdoors and indoors. Weight and size matched with regulation ball, but slightly soft and low bounce. No more balls running away from you!

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  • $38.36

    Lacrosse mesh has been reenginnered with better materials, better construction and better performace. Type 2s for a semi soft feel. Make the switch to StringKing Performance Mesh. Comes with StringKing string and lace kit in a Handy Kit that fits in your pocket.

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  • $8.22

    This is not a physical product, but a stringing service. It involves the stringing of a men's field head with a Pita Pocket. Send us your head and buy some leathers and crosslace to match!

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    Classic lacrosse ball. Meets FIL regulations. Three colors available: white, orange, yellow.

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    Larger, thicker variety of shooting lace. Made of Acrylic yarn. Works great with larger diamond mesh or monster mesh. Made in the USA by The Stringer's Shack. One meter cut from a longer piece.

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    Shooter locks are a useful accessory. Instead of using knots to secure your shooters, thread the shooters through the shooter lock for easy adjustmeny and low slip.

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  • $4.11

    Premium High Tenacity Nylon Sidewall string from The Stringer's Shack. Made in USA. Great for stringing lacrosse heads! Our convenient 10 yard coil will string up to 3 heads.

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    HT stands for High Tenacity. This nylon string is guaranteed to have no artificial additives, just the great qualities of nylon. 3mm thick, great for stringing the topstring of your lacrosse head.

    Product available with different options
  • $2.19

    Probably the most popular lacrosse leathers in the world. Straight from Jimalax and always made in the USA. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world!

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  • $4.38

    Crosslace for your traditional stringing and custom stringing needs. Perfect for stringing Doerr, Pita, Heat, Turtle, Grunk, Rock-it pockets and other custom string jobs.

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    Flat 10mm Polyester lacrosse shooting lace. 1 meter long piece of standard white shooting lace, mid-weight, small amount of stretch.  Cut off the spool or coil to your desired length. Made in the USA by The Stringer's Shack.

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